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The UX confusion-It all started with…


It all started with the introduction to account by a good friend in 2012. Took few courses in photography in the first month and my urge for online learning started there. Continued the account for another month and took few adobe lightroom courses to edit the photos and the urge graph kept on increasing.

First gear

Wait! how is this has to do anything with UX? 

I am coming there. So after 21 days of continuum anything becomes a habit, learning became my second nature and my list of courses suddenly increased ranging from web design to music production (i know it’s a crazy combo).

Second gear

In the process i have learned so much about photography, Adobe lightroom, a little bit of photoshop, Aperture and Garageband. One year has passed and got some 25+ course completion certificates in that year. When i looked at the list, there were some courses that included some mix of things that fall into the UX umbrella (photography, web designing — sort of).

Third gear

Second year passed and my certification list grew to 75+ (including Adobe Illustrator by Justin Seeley, a lot of photography courses by Ben Long). And by third year, i got introduced to a course called introduction to Web Design using Photoshop by Justin Seeley. This course has changed me and my thinking about learning as i implemented what i learned back at my work and produced some great UI mockups.

You can learn anything.

Leadership has thanked me for my mockups and I started digging deep to understand where that UI fits in as a profession and found that it is part of an awesome trend called UX. Wait what? UX? what is it?

Gear less state :)

Heard so many things like User Centered Design, Psychology, User focussed, Research, empathy…..ohh man — welcome to the UXA (UX adventure).

Final gear is now my family member. Added all the courses that has a tag, name, header, page, blog with UX in it. And till date at the time of writing this article i learn anything and everything about UX. As if this is not enough, i have convinced and requested my manager to allow me to attend the UX conference by Nielsen Norman Group and got UX certified. 

I am now focussed on becoming a UX architect (hopefully i will become one soon).